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Stormwater Managemnet

Public Education and Outreach

Materials to help you better understand Stormwater.

Public Involvement and Participation

What you can do to help improve water quality.

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

What are illicit discnarges and how to report them. Outfall Inventory Data

Construction Stormwater

How to Reduce pollutants from construction sites through plan review and enforcement.

Post-Construction Stormwater

Strategies to improve water quality after construction activities have ceased.

Good Housekeeping

Pollution Prevention for Municipal Operations.

Just For Kids!

Information, Games and Activities just for Kids.

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Welcome to Georgetown County Stormwater

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has established regulations for protecting our waters from pollutants. In response to these regulations, Georgetown County is implementing a Stormwater Management Program which is consistent with the Federal Clean Water Act and South Carolina Pollution Control Act.

Mission: Protect and improve the quality of life of all the citizens of Georgetown County, South Carolina, and surrounding communities. Provide for the collection, and conveyance of stormwater runoff in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations in the safest, most efficient, and cost effective manner possible.

Georgetown County Stormwater is a Division within The Department of Public Services. This Division seeks a balance between the needs of a growing community and the needs of the environment and its citizens. The intent of Georgetown County Stormwater Division is to develop and encourage "No Adverse Impact" Standards, while promoting sensible growth on the available land and minimizing the impacts to the environment and citizens.



EXCITING NEWS! Effective immediately, we are now accepting Land Disturbance Application Submittals electronically. Please send each item of the submittal as a separate labeled file via email to NOTE: in addition to the check, forms requiring signatures or stamp/seals, i.e., the LD Application, BMP Agreement and the signature page of the SWPPP, must be submitted as hard copy. Thank you for working with the Stormwater Division as we strive to improve customer service and the permitting process.

Stormwater Management Plan: Georgetown County's Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) is posted here for community review. This plan allows the County to address SCDHEC's MS4 permit requirements in a way that allows the County the flexibility to implement and make changes to the plan over time. Please review this plan at your leisure and learn how the County is collecting data, inspecting outfalls, tracking illicit discharges, and reviewing site plans, etc., all to help prevent stormwater pollution.

Attn: Land Disturbance Permit Applicants

Please use the following document to determine what type of coverage your project needs.

Georgetown County Stormwater Regulation Policy

Projects Under 10-Day Public Notice Period:

Waterleaf at Murrells Inlet


For more information about these announcements or to report an illicit discharge or illegal dumping please call the Stormwater Hotline 843-545-3524.

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