Georgetown County Stormwater Contacts and Info

Contact Information

Tracy D. Jones
P.E., Division Manager

P.E., Senior Engineer

Terri Davis
Billing Coordinator

Chris Hancock
Senior Compliance Inspector/Mosquito Control Supervisor


Old County Courthouse, 129 Screven Street
Georgetown, SC 29440
Phone: 843-545-3524 • Fax: 843-545-3005

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Stormwater Division Goals (click to toggle)

  • Treat our customers, the citizens of Georgetown County; respectfully and proactively address their concerns by providing the services necessary to meet their needs in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Build, operate, and maintain a quality infrastructure that promotes and protects the public health, safety, and welfare by efficiently collecting, and conveying storm water runoff.
  • Develop, promote, and enforce sound engineering design and construction practices within the County that promote and encourage "No Adverse Impact".
  • Protect and nurture the environment by enhancing the water quality in the County and surrounding area through the use of innovative practices and standards.
  • Meet and/or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations and water quality standards.

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Georgetown County Stormwater Management
Old County Courthouse, Room 274, 129 Screven Street, Georgetown, SC 29440
Phone: (843) 545-3524 • Fax: (843) 545-3005 •