Good Housekeeping

Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping

The Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping for municipal operations is a key element of the stormwater management program. This element requires Georgetown County to examine and subsequently alter their own actions to help ensure a reduction in the amount and type of pollutant that:

  1. Collects on the streets, parking lots, open spaces, and storage and vehicle maintenance areas and is discharged into local waterways; and
  2. Results from actions such as environmentally damaging land development and flood management practices or poor maintenance of storm sewer systems.

Rinker Stormceptor 450i

Vehicle Services Stormceptor

The Stormceptor System is a water quality treatment device used to remove total suspended solids and free oil from storm water. It prevents pollution from entering downstream waterbodies.

Treating pollution at the source is the preferred methodology for water quality control since the dilution of pollutants in storm water becomes problematic in terms of effective treatment as the drainage area increases.

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